How do you organize your wedding planning? This is the organizing tool that will save you your sanity.

Newly engaged couples often find it difficult to understand the role of wedding planners. What do they do? What are they able to do? Is it even possible to afford them? We agreed to speak to an amazing NYC-based wedding planner and partner of ours, Sarah at Pollyanna Events, See the entire story about wedding planners. The truth is, Sarah introduced us to a completely new concept for couples who might not be familiar with it. You are able to pay for the entire wedding planning process. This is what I needed to show you, because

Sarah discusses wedding planning…

I have always been creative and tried to think outside the box. I’m different from the rest and think outside the box. I I decided to make those qualities the foundation of my business. Planning company. I own a multi-city event and wedding planning company. A planning company that focuses on DIY projects. But, teaching is not the only thing. I learned everything about running a business in this area. Unique (and competitive) industry. I felt like I still had some serious questions. Untapped potential. I was determined to find it. It was missing.

Working with many couples to plan their weddings and having them pass the torch, I am happy. After being surrounded by a number of couples, I experienced an “ah-ha!” moment. I thought, Many couples know they need a planner, but don’t have the budget. One. There are also couples who don’t fully grasp the meaning of a planner. They would be able to help them plan their wedding.

Eureka! A wedding planning kit

Use thePollyanna Planning Kit. Sarah created this new type of wedding planning tool that is equipped With gifts from some incredible vendors (like temporary tattoos or cookie Dough, essential oil! A fun DIY project that you can complete and a USB drive. That is it.Every document you will needPlanning is essential From beginning to end of the wedding. Documents are the key: they are identical The Pollyanna team uses these documents daily to plan professionally Weddings

The documents guide each couple through their planning process on the USB drive Process by providing them with examples, tips, tricks, and guidelines. How to plan a successful marriage Best part? These rules can be applied to any type of From a small elopement to a large wedding, you can have a celebration that attracts 300 guests. You can throw a party. Traditional wedding in a banquet hall or unusual and amazing bar wedding These tools can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The kit can be given as a gift for a friend who is engaged

Do you want to help a friend? This little kit is the best! It doesn’t matter if your friend hires a planner. It’s an a It’s a great way to gift the gift of less stress to your friend who is engaged.

This self-planning kit is useful, we get it. But sometimes you need to be more organized. You don’t need a month-of or wedding planner. You can also contact the coordinator. Pollyanna Events organizes weddings in New York Connecticut and beyond We can help you choose the right level of wedding Amazingness up to 11. Budget concerns are taken into consideration by the team. Being authentic to yourself and your family tradition, as well as community and family heritage. They bring them together. All of this together will ensure you get the best deal possible

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